The Fantastic World of M.C. Escher (1980) Documentary about the geometrical designs of the famous Dutch artist.
Grateful Dawg (Jerry Garcia) (2000) The musical fellowship of Jerry Garcia and David Grisman.
The Hellstrom Chronicle (1971) (Insects) Film about insects using the first micro photography where cameras were placed right into hives, presented as a whild theory of a naturalist the insects are going to take over the world.
The Illuminated Chakras (Yoga)(2000) Animated film depicting traditional Hindu ideas about the seven chakras described in yoga.
Infamy (Graffiti Documentary)
Style Wars (Hip-Hop/Graffiti Documentary)
Tim's Vermeer (2013)
WR: Mysteries of the Organism (Reich) (1971) A joint US–Yugoslavian production by American poet Tuli Kupferberg and Serbian filmmaker Milena Dravic that started out as a documentary about psychologist Wilhelm Reich and his theories of sexual repression and developed into a film criticizing the paralell repression of communism.
Alex Grey: Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (2006)  Documentary about the art of Alex Grey.
Ayn Rand: A Sense of Life (1997) Documentary about the anti-Communist writer and philosopher.
Cave of Forgotten Dreams (2010) Documentary narrated by Werner Herzog about the stone age cave uncovered in France that had been sealed in by a landslide and has remained exactly as it was 30,000 years ago.
Chariots of the Gods (1972) Documentary about the ancient astronaut theory's of Erich von Daniken.
The Endless Summer (1966 Surfing) Documentary about a pair of surfers who decides travel around the world always staying where it is summer to be able to spend a whole year surfing.
Expelled (Intelligent Design) (2008) Documentary by Ben Stein about the suppression of modern theories of intelligent design based on the failure of Darwinism to account for the origin of complex biological systems.