Foreign Films
Jules and JimJules and Jim (France, 1962) French with English subtitles. A Frenchman and a German try to stay friends even though both fall in love with the same woman and their countries go to war. By François Truffaut.
Knife in the WaterKnife in the Water (Polish, 1962) Roman Polanski's first film, with English subtitles. A couple out for a day on a sailboat pick up a hitchhiker to join them.
La Dolce VitaLa Dolce Vita (Italy, 1960) Italian with English subtitles. Comedy by Federico Fellini.
Life is beautifulLife is Beautiful (1997) Italian with English subtitles. Roberto Benigni stars as a poor Jewish man who believes he can do anything, and achieves love and happiness, but then is sent with his young son to a concentration camp when the Nazis take over Italy,and pretends it's all a game so his boy will not be ruined by the experience.
MM (1931) German w/ Eng. subtitles. German impressionist filmmaker Fritz Lang tells the story of a child murderer in depression era Berlin. The role that made Peter Lorre famous.
Muriel's WeddingMuriel’s Wedding (Australia, 1994). The misadventures of a girl with no social life striving to turn over a new leaf.
Nefertiti Queen of the Nile (1961)Nefertiti Queen of the Nile (1961)  
The Princess and the WarriorThe Princess and the Warrior (German with English subtitles, 2000). A nurse in a mental hospital meets and falls in love with a petty criminal and finds he has a past he needs to overcome.
Red SorghumRed Sorghum (China,1987) Chinese with English subtitles. A young boy he retells his grandfather's story of his marriage, the winery in the Chinese countryside he managed, and the Japanese invasion of China.
Seven SamuraiSeven Samurai (Japanese) Kurosawa's 1954 masterpiece about a poor village ravaged by bandits that hires seven unemployed samurai to defend it.
WalkaboutWalkabout (Australia, 1971) A teenage girl and her young brother are left out in the outback after their father commits suicide. Jenny Agutter.
We the LivingWe the Living (Italian, 1943) Italian with English subtitles. Unauthorized film version of Ayn Rand's first novel, with Rosanno Brazzi.
Wings of DesireWings of desire (1987, German). Part English and part German with English subtitles. Peter Falk. An angel falls in love with a woman and decides to become human.
AlphavilleAlphaville (1965, Fr.) French with English subtitles. Jean-Luc Godard's surrealistic story of a future city controlled by one master computer, and the secret agent Lemmie Caution sent in to undo its dictatorship.
Amores PerrosAmores Perros (Sp., Eng. st, 2005) Mexican film telling three related stories about dogs and love. Spanish with English subtitles.
And God Created WomanAnd God Created Woman (France, 1956)  French with English subtitles. Brigitte Bardot became a star with this film about a wild woman and the man who loves her but must learn to tame her.
Babette's FeastBabette’s Feast (1987) Danish with English subtitles. A French woman comes to barren Jutland and works as a maid for two spinsters who are carrying on a small religious cult started by their father.
BreathlessBreathless (A Bout de Souffle) (Fr.,1960) French with English subtitles  film about a man on the run after shooting a cop.
Camille ClaudelCamille Claudel (French, Eng. st 1988) Isabel Adjani and Gerard Depardieu. French with English subtitles. The story of Auguste Rodin's mistress and most able sculpture student.
Children of ParadiseChildren of Paradise (France, 1945) French with English subtitles. The lives of a group of students at a school for the deaf.
Das BootDas Boot (German, 1981) Dubbed into English. A U-boat crew tries to stay alive and carry on the war even though they know Germany is defeated. First film about World War II made in Germany looking at their Nazi past.
Day for NightDay for Night (France) François Truffaut's 1973 film about the real lives of actors and actresses making a movie. Available either with English dubbing or in the original French with subtitles.
Eat, drink, man, woman (1994)Eat, Drink, Man, Woman (1994) Chinese with English subtitles. An aging widower despairs of marrying off his 3 daughters, while maintaining his career as a chef in a fine Chinese restaurant only by hiding the fact that he has lost his sense of taste.
EIGHT AND A HALF8 ½ (Italy) Italian with English subtitles. Federico Fellini's surrealistic comedy about a director losing his mind trying to make his next movie.
Every hand against him and God against all: The Enigma of Kaspar HauserEvery hand against him and God against all: The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser (German). Werner Herzog's 1974 film about the mysterious young man raised all alone and then abandoned outside Nuremberg in the 1830s.
Fellini's SatyriconFellini’s Satyricon (Italy) Italian with English subtitles or dubbed into English. Fellini's surrealistic version of the Roman classic by Petronius.
FitzcarraldoFitzcarraldo (German, 1982) Film by Werner Herzog starring Klaus Kinski as a man determined to build an opera house in the Amazon rainforest, who hires local natives to haul a steamboat up one side of a mountain and down the other.
The Girl with the Dragon TattooThe Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009). Swedish with English subtitles. A man gets help from a bizarre young woman to investigate the death of a wealthy man's daughter.
Hiroshima Mon AmourHiroshima Mon Amour (France,1959) French with English subtitles. An actress in Japan to make a film about Hiroshima has an affair with a married Japanese businessman.
Jean de FloretteJean de Florette/Manon of the Spring(1986, French with English subtitles). Gerard Depardieu, Yves Montand, Emanuelle Beart. Drama in two parts about a formerly wealthy landowner in the French countryside who schemes to prevent a newcomer from succeeding on land he covets.