Metaphysical - Spiritual
Magnificent ObsessionMagnificent Obsession - (1935) A man is introduced to the philosophy by which one can attain all things.
The MatrixThe Matrix - (1999) A man discovers his world is a computer generated illusion and that he is actually a prisoner in a world of the future.
Meetings with Remarkable MenMeetings with Remarkable Men - (1975) From Gurdjieff’s autobiography, the story of his seeking esoteric truth all over the East as a young man.
MetropolisMetropolis - (1922, Silent) Restoration of the 1922 silent science fiction film featuring film’s first robot. In a future world, workers live underground while the masters live in a city in the clouds.
Miracle on 34th StreetMiracle on 34th Street - (1947) A man who believes himself to be Santa Claus changes the lives of several people.
My Dinner with AndreMy Dinner with Andre - (1981) An actor meets his old director friend for dinner, who relates his experiments in psychic development and years of travel to places like Findhorn.
Out on a LimbOut on a Limb -(1992, Shirley McLain 2 disks)Shirley MacLaine’s autobiographical story of how an irresistible attraction to a married man led her to reincarnation, karma, channeling and UFOs.
The Passion of the ChristThe Passion of the Christ (2004) Mel Gibson's intense and bloody film version of the suffering and death of Jesus Christ, with actors speaking their the original Hebrew and Latin, and carefully researched historical costuming and settings.
Picture of Dorian GrayPicture of Dorian Gray - (1945) Oscar Wilde’s story of a man whose wish is magically granted to remain young and innocent-appearing while only his portrait grows old.
Portrait of Jennie (1948)Portrait of Jennie (1948) A struggling artist in depression-era New York City (Joseph Cotton) meets a strange young girl from time to time who inspires him and he does a beautiful portrait of her which makes him a success, but then he cannot find her again, and no one else has ever seen her, so it’s a question whether she was real or only his imagination. With Jennifer Jones as Jennie.
PowderPowder - (1995) Authorities find a boy who has lived all his life alone and who they discover has mysterious electrical powers.
Quo VadisQuo Vadis - (1951) The conflict between pagan Rome under Nero and Christianity is shown through the story of a centurion who falls in love with a Christian girl.
Razor's EdgeThe Razor’s Edge - (1946) Somerset Maugham’s story of a young man, disillusioned by war, who sets out to find the meaning of life, a journey that leads to enlightenment in India.
ResurrectionResurrection - (1980) A woman almost killed in a car crash slowly discovers she has come back with the gift of healing.
The SecretThe Secret - (2006) Slick documentary arguing that one's thinking controls one's reality.
The Secret GardenThe Secret Garden - (1994) A girl raised without a childhood is taken in by her uncle on her parents’ death, and discovers a hidden garden on his estate.
The Secret Life of PlantsThe Secret Life of Plants - (1979) Time-lapse photography of plants and the experiments of Cleve Backster and others are features of this film version of the book with music by Stevie Wonder. Never released on video except by Akashic Records.
The Seven Faces of Dr. LaoThe Seven Faces of Dr. Lao - (1964)(Children’s movie) Whimsical story of a dying Western town c. 1900 visited by a magical Chinaman with a bizarre traveling circus that reveals hidden truths. Tony Randall plays 7 parts from Merlin to Apollonius of Tyana.
The Seventh SignThe Seventh Sign - (1988, Demi Moore) As apocalyptic signs accumulate, a woman (Demi Moore) finds out she is the only one who can prevent the end of the world from occurring.
The Sixth SenseThe Sixth Sense - (1999) A clairvoyant boy is haunted by ghosts until a child psychologist comes to help him.
Son of God (2014)Son of God (2014) Story of the life and ministry of Jesus produced by Roma Downey (of “Touched By An Angel” fame) originally as part of the miniseries “The Bible” for the History Channel.
Song of Bernadette - (1943) The story of the young French girl who had a vision of the Virgin Mary and was led to a spring of healing water at Lourdes.
Stir of EchoesStir of Echoes - (1999) A little boy sees people in his house that his parents can’t see, but then his father gets hypnotized and then starts seeing some things himself.
They LiveThey Live - (1998) A drifter finds a pair of glasses that reveal hidden messages all around him when worn and that some people are actually aliens in disguise amongst us taking over.
The Time MachineThe Time Machine - (1960) A man dissatisfied with his life in 1899 invents a time machine and travels 800,000 years into the future.
TronTron - (1982) A man is teleported into a computer world where a dictatorial program rules.
What Dreams May ComeWhat Dreams May Come - (1998) A man (Robin Williams) must travel into the afterlife to rescue his wife.
What the Bleep Do We Know?What the Bleep Do We Know? - (2004) Philosophy of JZ Knight who ‘channels’ Ramtha.
The Abominable SnowmanThe Abominable Snowman - (1958) What lives up in the Himalayas? An old ape-like race left behind, or a race waiting to inherit the earth? Hammer Film with Peter Cushing.
The Adjustment BureauThe Adjustment Bureau - (2011) A man (Matt Damon) becomes aware that an invisible group of people are manipulating human beings to make people meet the ones they're suppose to meet.
AlwaysAlways - (1989) Richard Dreyfuss is a daredevil firefighting pilot who risks his life one time too many, and winds up on the other side, unable to let go of the earth plane because of his love for his wife (Holly Hunter), but is then helped to look back and let go by a spirit guide (Audrey Hepburn). Steven Spielberg directed.
ApocalypseApocalypse - Richard Harris - (2002) A telling of the story of how the elderly Apostle John receives the Revelation on the Island of Patmos.
Ben-HurBen-Hur - Charlton Heston - (1959) A Jew (Charlton Heston) at the time of Tiberius struggles with Roman rule and an old friend turned enemy, while meeting the strange man Jesus throughout his life.
Between Two WorldsBetween Two Worlds - (1944) A group of passengers on a ship slowly find out that they are actually on the journey to the next world after death.
The Bishop's Wife 1947The Bishop's Wife (1947) David Niven is a bishop who is neglecting his wife (Loretta Young) and daughter, and his prayer for help results in a visit from an angel (Cary Grant).
Brother Sun Sister MoonBrother Sun Sister Moon - (1973) The story of St. Francis of Assisi’s early years, by Franco Zeffirelli with music by Donovan.
The Butcher's WifeThe Butcher's Wife - (1991) Demi Moore as a psychic brought to New York City from N.C.who affects the lives of New Yorkers, especially psychologist Dr.Alex Tremor (Jeff Daniels).
The Celestine ProphecyThe Celestine Prophecy - (2006) Film version of James Redfield's book in which a man is led by synchronicities to temple ruins in Peru where eight mysterious ancient scrolls have been discovered and a new age community is practicing the insights contained in them.
Cloud Atlas 2012Cloud Atlas - (2012)Synchronicities, birth marks and seemingly fated events join together people in 5 different stories, one in the 1800s, one in the 1930s, two in the 1970s, one in the year 2144 and one in the farther future with Tom Hanks and Halle Berry.
Constantine and the CrossConstantine and the Cross (1960) A joint Italian-English production telling the story of the Roman Emperor (Cornell Wilde) who made Christianity the official religion of Rome.
Dead AgainDead Again (1991) A detective in Los Angeles (Kenneth Branagh) investigating a mute amnesiac woman (Emma Thompson) is led back to a murder case of the last generation and the possibility of reincarnation.
Dead of NightDead of Night (1946) A man meets a group of people he has dreamed of seeing repeatedly, and his story leads them to all trade stories of their psychic experiences.
Death Takes a HolidayDeath Takes a Holiday (1934) Death (Frederic March) becomes a human being for 3 days to find out why people fear him.
Defending Your LifeDefending Your Life (1991) Albert Brooks’ comedic version of the Afterlife.
The Emerald ForestThe Emerald Forest (1985) A man’s young son is kidnapped and raised by a tribe deep in the Rainforest, including being initiated by them when he reaches adulthood.
The Fisher KingThe Fisher King (1991) A man (Robin Williams) whose wife is murdered regresses to the Middle Ages and believes himself to be a knight seeking the Holy Grail.
Flesh and FantasyFlesh and Fantasy (1943) Charles Boyer, Barbara Stanwyck, Edward G. Robinson 3 tales of the occult: a mysterious mask, a prophetic dream and a fortune teller’s prediction.
Forbidden PlanetForbidden Planet (1956) A scientist alone on an empty planet knows a secret that may reveal why everyone else who comes there mysteriously dies. With “Robbie the Robot”.
GandhiGandhi (1982) The life story of Mahatma Gandhi by Richard Attenborough.
GhostGhost (1990) A man (Patrick Swayze) is killed but returns to avenge his death.
Heart and SoulsHeart and Souls (1993) 4 people killed in the 1950s find themselves attached to a newborn baby (Robert Downey, Jr.) and learn they must resolve their lives through him.
Heaven is for realHeaven is for Real - (2014) Film version of the polular book telling the true story of a pastor in the Mid-West US whose son has a near death experience on the operating table, and comes back knowing things he couldn't possibly have known and telling of his experiences of angels and Jesus.
The Holy MountainThe Holy Mountain (1973) Surrealistic film by Alejandro Jodorowsky.
IntoleranceIntolerance (1916, silent) 4 stories of Love vs. intolerance: in old Babylon, in 1600s France and in the present, the 4th being scenes from the ministry of Jesus, all reaching their climax at the same time.
It's a Wonderful LifeIt’s a Wonderful Life (1946) A man about to commit suicide (James Stewart) on Christmas Eve is shown by an angel how the world would be if he had never lived.
Just Like HeavenJust Like Heaven (2005) A man moves into the apartment of a doctor who recently died (Reese Witherspoon)and sees her ghost--- but is it really her ghost?
King of KingsKing of Kings (silent, 1927)
Cecil B. Demille's story of Jesus
KoyaanisqatsiKoyaanisqatsi (1982) No dialogue, just incredible film images showing what we human beings are doing to the earth, with music by Phillip Glass.
Last Days of PompeiiLast Days of Pompeii (1935) Loosely based on Bulwer-Lytton's book, it tells the story of a blacksmith who becomes a prize gladiator and meets Jesus in Palestine. With a young Basil Rathbone as Pontius Pilate.
Left Behind (2014)Left Behind (2014) Nicholas Cage. New film version of the best-selling Christian books describing what fundamentalist Christians believe will happen at the end of the world, beginning with “the Rapture”, where millions of people who are already “saved” will be taken up to heaven. These “saved” people all suddenly disappear in a not-too-distant future, leaving behind a large number of people who are neither very good or very bad, along with the really evil ones. First part of a projected trilogy.
LegendLegend (1985) The Dark Lord plots to kill the last remaining Unicorns and banish Light from the world, and only Jack (Tom Cruise) and his fairy friends can stop him.
Lost HorizonLost Horizon (Frank Capra, 1937) A disillusioned statesman is brought to a paradise hidden in the Himalayas by a missionary seeking to save mankind.
Made in HeavenMade in Heaven (1987) Neil Young did the music for this film about a man who dies and meets and falls in love with a girl in heaven, then reincarnates and must find her.