Music Live Performances
-Miscelaneous Live Performances-  
John Lennon Music Video Collection
Joni Mitchell – Woman of Heart and Mind
Joni Mitchell – Shadows and Light
-The Moody Blues–  
      Video Collection
      Live in L.A. 2005
      Oregon – Live in Consert
-Pink Floyd-  
      Live in London 1966-67
      Meddle (Documentary)
      Pulse (Live 1994) (2 disks)
      The Wall (Live Berlin 1990)
-The Rolling Stones-  
      Rock’n’ Roll Circus BBC 1968
      Sympathy for the Ddevil 1968
      Stones in Exile 1971
      Shine a Light
Rush – Live
-Stevie Ray Vaughan-
      Live in Austin 1989
      Live in Montreaux 1985
Traffic – Live 1972 Santa Monica
The Who - The Kids Are Alright 1979
-Special Edition- (Videos/Live Shows)  
      Neil Young “Heart of Gold” Nashville 2006
      The Zombies - 2004 Reunion Concert
America – Live in Central Park
The Beach Boys–Live in England
The Beatles: Anthology
(8 parts on 4 disks & “Making of” DVD)
-Bob Marley-  
      Legend (2 disks)
      Music in Review
      Live at the Rainbow Theater 1977
      Land of Look Behind (1982 Funeral)
Cat Stevens – Live (2 disks)
Cream - Farewell Concert (1968)
Cream - 2005 Reunion Concert (2 disks)
Diana Krall – Live at Montreal Jjazz Festival
-The Doors–  
      Doors in Europe 1968
      Video Collection
      No One Here Gets Out Alive
      When You’re Strange
Bob Dylan - (2 films on 1 disk)  
     Don’t Look Back (1965)
     Eat the Document (1966)
Bob Dylan - Live, Newport Folk Festival 1965
-The Grateful Dead–  
      At Woodstock
      The Closing of Winterland 1978
      1980s: 2 live shows
      1990s: 2 live shows
Jerry Garcia Band – Live at Shoreline 1990
-Jimi Hendrix-  
      Live at Berkeley
      Live at the Fillmore
      Live at Woodstock (2 disks)